Interpretation of “Moringa 4000 years” logo, trading as Patience Wellness Centre

  • The oval circle in green means completeness. The green colour means health, activity and life. The 4000 years indicates that the plant, which was discovered by the Indians some 4000 years ago has been the major health enhancing plant for that nation for that period.

About Us

  • Patience Wellness Centre was established in 2007 to cater for the health needs of communities both locally and internationally by offering them organic materials as provided by Mother Nature. Many diseases are essentially caused by our modern life styles particularly what we eat.  The business has more than 60 000 moringa on the two farms. All parts of the plant, namely, the leaves, the bark, pods seeds, the roots are processed in-house with the help of strategic research partners who conduct nutritional research for us to ensure the quality of the end product. These are SABS, Wits and Limpopo Universities. We sell packaged and unpackaged, processed and semi-processed materials such as capsules, powder, tea leaves, etc. to three main clients; namely, those who buy large quantities to repackage for themselves to establish their own businesses; those who buy in large quantities to distribute to the end consumers, and those who drop in to buy small quantities for their own consumption.

The whole process is done through the use of modern technology and under scrupulously clean environment to meet the high hygiene standards as prescribed by world class and reputable institutions engaged the Green Industry. Patience Wellness Centre prides herself for being “the biggest Moringa Plantation in South Africa so far” as described by Prof. Chimuka of Wits University; and the CEO, Mr W. M. Ntike has been very instrumental in the establishment of MDASA (Moringa Development Association of South Africa).

More about moringa.

  • Moringa was discovered by the Indians some 4000 years ago along the foot of the Himalaya Mountains. It is the most important multifunction and highly nutritious plant the world has ever seen. What is it that makes Moringa so special today? Almost the whole world eats food that has been, in one way or another, genetically modified through the manipulations of science and this has left mankind with untold side effects that have left his health in a very serious situation.  Today there are millions of people the world over that suffer from diseases such as high blood pressure, sugar diabetes, etc, and Moringa is excellent in reducing the severity of all these ailments. According to research recently conducted by Wits School of Public Health, Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa, “South African have become fatter over the last 30 years and we are the most obese country in sub-Saharan Africa. As a heavier nation, we are at increased risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and cancer, which together account for 27% of all deaths in the country, almost as many people who die from HIV-Aids and TB”.  (See Wednesday August 20 2014 Sowetan, page 17)

Distribution Channels and Procedures.

    1. Bulk Buyers of packaged products.
    2. Bulk buyers of unpackaged products for their own packaging.
    3. Direct consumers who normally buy smaller quantities for their own use. Categories 1. and 2. above are engaged in both local and global markets.
    4. With regard to transport logistics we use couriers as well as our own transport, depending on the quantity ordered.

Our Strategic Partners:

These are the local Universities who help in research and product formulations. Others who render service are Government institutions such as SEDA (Small Business Development Agency) who help in drawing business plans and marketing strategies.

Own Moringa Business Establishment:

Some people are keen to start their own Moringa business. These are not only also welcome, but are encouraged to do so. All what you do is to buy large quantity at whole sale price. We give you marketing materials and show you how to go about.

Business Capacity:


Number of Moringa trees on the two farms

60 000


Rate of planting annually



Total of Both Permanent and seasonal workers



Quantity of dried Moringa Leaves produced per shift of 9 hours



Quantity of leaf powder produced per a shift of 9 hours



Number of Capsules produced per a shift of 9 hours

32 000


Amount of litres from the boreholes per 1 hour for irrigation






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