Frequently Asked Questions about Moringa.

Q. Is it advisable for a pregnant women to make use of Moringa? 
A. Moringa provides all the necessary nutrients and vitamins needed by all people at whatever age, stage and gender. Just use it like you were not expectant.

Q. It is advisable for people that are on medication, for example, taking the hypertension or diabetic tablets, to use Moringa?
A. Again the answer is yes. Moringa should be viewed as a powerful food supplement, and not as a laboratory-prepared medicine. 

Q. Can moringa increase my performance at night?
A. Because moringa cleans the blood by reducing the cholesterol level in the arteries and veins, the performance is increased tremendously. In fact many people these days buy Moringa just for that.

Q. From what age can people start making use of moringa?
A. The dosage should be in accordance with the age and weight of the child. The best way is to add moringa powder to their gravies, soup, soft porridge or whatever they are eating. In some countries, for example, the Philippines, all school going learners enjoy moringa.

Q. Which is the best way of administering Moringa – tea leaves, powder or capsules?
A. Our moringa is not mixed with any other plant derivative. We maintain its purity to enhance the quality. Whether you take in the form of tea leaves, powder or capsules it does not matter. However some people prefer powder because they can add it to their food. Some prefer capsules for convenience.

Q. How often and for how long should I take Moringa?
A. Food supplements are not necessarily strictly taken every day like medication from a doctor. My advice is for the first 3 to 4 days you may take it continuously. People react differently to Moringa. To some people one dose may cause a runny tummy. Listen to your body. However in most cases there is absolutely no problem.  In some it sharpens their appetite and their skins starts to glow.

Q. Does Moringa have side effects?
A. So far no side effects have been reported. However there are certain parts of moringa which must be consumed under special health care practitioners. Moringa roots are too arbotificiant, that is to say they may cause abortion. It is for this reason that we are very strict on the sale of this to anybody except those carrying medicinal certificates.

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