Products offered.


    Our tea is made out of pure moringa green leaves that have been air dried in a shade. If Moringa leaves are dried in the sunlight they turn yellowish and thereby losing their nutritional values. In order to maintain the quality and purity of the product, we do not add anything to the leaves.


    Our powder is made of 100% pure green dried moringa leaves. These are grind to powdery level and are free of any toxic materials. Machines used are made of stainless steel to ensure free metal contamination.


    Our capsules come in sizes of 100 per bottle.

    Animal feed

    The twigs as well some selected leaves are available. These are normally added to grass or Lucerne for animals, particularly during winter times.Pure powder, as well as leaves are also given to animals during their gestation period to ensure healthy off springs.

    Skin Products

    These come in the form of oil, body lotion, body butter, lip ice, etc. Those keen in repackaging may buy large quantities and repackage it themselves using their own labels.


    Since one of our aims is to encourage people to plant Moringa in the vast open lands, our seed price is unbelievably very low compared to other seed sellers. We use our seed in the manufacturing of oil. This is the most wanted oil due to its health benefits. We do not sell oil in large quantities to those who would like to decant and repackage.


    Our water is clarified with the help of moringa seeds.

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